Kit Kat = definitely win

In Japan, giving Kit Kat to people is considered a symbol of wishing that person for success.

This is because the name Kit Kat is procunces closely to a Japanese word きっと勝つ (kitti katsu) which means “definitely win!”

With such a good rhyme, Kit Kat is a popular snacks to give to your family and friends when they are going to take an exam or competing on something. Or it can be given in a normal day for a sign of encouragement.

Nestle, the company that owns this product, also has done a great job in localizing Kit Kat to be popular among Japanese by inventing local flavors in different prefectures of Japan. For example, in Kyoto which is famous for green tea, you can buy a green tea Kit Kat from train stations and stores in Kyoto. There are tons of flavours from orange, apple, sweet potato. The one you see in the photo is Japanese sake flavor! Yummy yummy :b

In Post Office in Japan, you can buy Kit Kat, write down your friend address and it will be delivered.

Let’s eat Kit Kat and win 🙂

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