The Eight 8 and The Infinity ∞ In Japanese Ramen “Hachiban”

Starting in 1967, a small crude ramen shop ‘Hachi-ban’ was opened in Kata City, Isikawa Prefecture. From a small family business, Hachi-ban became a ramen franchise restaurant in which the efficiency management system was developed.

Not only the quality of taste that Hachi-ban holds true, Hachi-ban has also tried to serve more than 300 bowls of ramen per day at 50 Yen back in the 1960s. Time passes by, Hachi-ban has grown in size and finally made it to IPO in 1993.

Hachi-ban ramen was named after route 8 in Kaga city where its first shop was located. The number 8 is also unique to Hachi-ban ramen as appeared on the ‘narutomaki’ which is a common topping on ramen. (Narutomaki is made of cured fish. It usually has a pink pattern on white background.)

Putting the symbol ‘8’ horizontally, it became an infinity ∞, an abstract concept describing something without any limit. Putting the infinity back vertically, the symbol resembles a shape of a punching doll ‘8’. No matter how hard it got punched, a rocking doll always manages to spring back to stand. Putting the two concepts together, we got an ‘infinity rocking doll’ which reminds me the concept of ‘resilience’.

Hachi-ban is just like the Japanese proverb 「七転び八起き」 Fall 7 times, get up 8 times.

This is what “resilience” mean 🙂

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