The story of Kyoto’s Sacred Immortal Fire at Mount Hiei

There is a story about sacred light at Enryaku-ji temple (延暦寺) located on Hiei Mountain in Kyoto Japan. The temple was founded back in 788 during the early Heian period (794-1185). The temple is the headquarters of the Tendai sect and one of the most significant monasteries in Japanese history.

At the temple, there is a “Sacred Immortal Fire” which has been lit for over 1200 years. The job of lighting this fire is very essential since the one who got the responsibility cannot be careless about the job. If you forget to light the fire, then the fire that has been kept burning since the ancient time won’t continue. And that will lose its sacredness.

Simple easy act everyday, if you keep doing for a long time, it becomes very special.


What is your fire that has to be lit every day?

mt hiei.jpg



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