Life is like a paper plane

For the past few days, I have been listening to songs of BNK48 girls band which is a sister band of Japanese AKB48. It’s becoming popular in Thailand and got a lot of attention in mass media. One of the songs is a translation from 365日の紙飛行機. I found the lyrics very encouraging and has some sort of power to motivate people to carry on what they are doing. The secret to success may not be something difficult like rocket science, but grit and focus to continue what you are doing without giving up and keep getting better at that, and some positive outlook in life to keep cheering you up even in difficult times, will give you some supporting wind under your wings to continue on your journey.

Life is like a paper plane, flying and carrying hopes With power of wind blows, it stays flying Don’t compare the fly-distance, but (compare) how and what happen. (English version of the 365日の紙飛行機 lyrics) Just keep flying!

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