Museum of parfaits! Death by choice in Karafuneya, Kyoto

So many sweets, so many choices!
This ice-cream place is from “Karafuneya” in Kyoto.

Once you enter the cafe, you will see a big display of beautiful ice-cream parfaits of over 150 selections. Apart from ordinary fruit ice-cream and all sorts of flavors, can you spot “Fried Shrimp Parfait”, “Hot dog Parfait” or “Fried Chicken on ice-cream”? 


With an aim to become a parfait trendsetter in Japan, Karafuneya has been inventing many delicious creations since 1972. Along with ice-cream, they want to provide full service from Dutch coffee, meal to dessert, and aims to provide a happy time for customers.

Apart from crazy menus, such as fried shrimp and hotdog ice-cream, you will see a big bowl of parfait worth 10,000 Yen to 50,000 Yen (2,900 Baht – 14,600 Baht)!!

It’s perfect to invite all your friends and gather around this big bowls of ice-cream. I tried it once with around 20 people, and we went crazy with the sugar overload … great experience, but never again haha

Another great place to hang out in Kyoto and unforgettable memories with friends.



Breakfast at Karafuneya and Zen Garden, at Kumano branch, Kyoto

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