How to eat an elephant?

In Kyoto, there is a hidden coffee shop in Sanjo Kawaramachi area called “Elephant Factory Coffee.” The cafe is located in a narrow alleyway in downtown Kyoto.



While enjoying the coffee, my friend and I had some philosophical talk about life.

My friend asked me “How to eat the whole elephant?”

My first impression was … “Isn’t that impossible?”
Then he said “Yes you can. Eat it bite by bite.”

Just like this question “How to change the world?”

You can’t eat the whole elephant all at once,
Nor change the world at once,
But you can do it step by step.


Photo from the Little Prince in Thai
With imagination, you can eat the whole elephant 😉

Eat that Elephant that you care about.


Map of Elephant Factory Coffee
Kyoto, Japan



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