What Japan teaches my friend (and me)

I had a dinner with my friend from El Salvador today at Kurasushi, a revolving sushi bar restaurant in Japan. She said that Japan taught her so many lessons.
Here are three things that we both learn from living in Japan.

  1. How to be humble
    She said that Japan teaches her to be humble. When she could not pass the entrance exam to enter a graduate school, it really shook her and made her think what’s wrong.
    Her teacher said that you don’t need to be a genius, but if you do what you’re supposed to do and do it well, people will appreciate it.
  2. Be confident in your value
    I am preparing for a job interview. My friend said to me that they (Japanese companies) need people like me. They know that we are foreigners, so our Japanese language proficiency won’t be good. Everyone has weakness and strength. What I am weak at, might be what others are good and vice versa. Then we can work together. It’s ok to be imperfect, but be confident in your value.
  3. Time is money.
    Every minute and second count here. This is why trains and buses are always on time, and people are very punctual. Being late means not respecting others’ time and value. 

    Some thoughts she shared with me while I am having this egg and beef sushi.

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