Shinshindo kyoto

In Kyoto, there is a very delicious bread shop called “Shinshindo”. It is a Frenchh Boulangerie (which means a bakery that specializes in bread) that has opened the business since 1913. The founder, Hitoshi Tsuzuki, was a Christian who learned the teachings of the Bible and opened the bakery with a motto “Serve God and people through baking.”

I always feel comfortable going to have a meal at Shinshindo and order a set with all you can eat bread. The pieces of bread in the photo below are cranberry walnut, milk and spinach. It’s perfect with a cup of hot soup. (try to do some studies while enjoying this deliciousness) 😉

While I was having a meal, a staff who served me bread dropped a piece of bread on the table instead of putting it on my plate. He looked very sorry and apologetic while saying ” sorry sorry” and said “sorry” again to me. I said “daijyoubu daijyoubu” which means not a big deal to him, and I told him I don’t mind taking this dropped piece. It’s ok 🙂

There are some takeaways from this scene.

1. The faster you say sorry and the faster you make it up for customers, the more extra point you gain from making mistake.

Everyone makes mistake, but the responsive one who take an initiative to improve the situation is the one who makes the situation better. By sincerely say sorry and trying to fix the problem, you are doing a ‘feeling’ management!

2. Japaneses’ attitude towards improving and service mind.

Serving is never a low job in this country.
Being kind helps people build a character.
Kindness can inspire people. It makes others feel less nervous and encourage them to do a better job!
This experience reminded me of the time I did a part-time job in a restaurant in Canada called “the seasoned spoon”. I was super worried about making mistake, and that ruined everything! Kindness solves that worrisome and helps make me feel more relaxed and just chill.

I really want to go have all-you-can-eat bread at Shinshindo again 🙂



Shinshindo Kitayama Location

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