Dou Dou

“Dou Dou …♪♬♩the dream loves her.”

This is part of lyrics of a song name “Dou Dou” made by my friends and I who met in Kyoto, Japan.

Rikiya, the composer of the song once told me that, life is like the melody of “Dou Dou” (mi-so-re-do so-la-so-do with some vibrato).
It has ups and downs, and that variation of tones make the song interesting.
Just like the ups and downs of life, that makes life an adventure.

Here is the full version of the song.

Music Video crews 😉 with some baked bread and giant hamburger.

The song is also divided into three parts – Japanese, Thai and English.
For Thai lyrics, I composed it, and it goes:

มองบนเพดาน ให้เวลาหมุนผ่าน
เธออยู่ที่ไหนน้า คิดแล้วจึง ไม่ได้การ

Woah we were born…
ฉันไม่อยากคิด เธอจะอยู่ใกล้ไกล
แต่ที่รู้ คือเดินไปทางไหน เพราะอะไร

“Dou Dou …♪♬♩the dream loves her.” x 3

This is us practicing the song.
10369079_906442269372214_2119422891402063233_o.jpgNiel, Sarita and Rikiya.


Photo and song credits to Rikiya Imai! 🙂


This is the lyrics of the rapping part by our Icelandic twin friends.
it’s a mix of many languages, but they all mean
“Be in the moment, just follow your dream.”

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