“E factor” and energy triggers

In my HR class, I learned about “E Factor” which are all the things that trigger energy, excitement, enthusiasm, effort, effervescence, even expenditure.

When people fail to put their “E” into work, they will experience cruel-mindedness or lack of discipline. Some of the phrases without E Factor, such as

“if you don’t … I will”

So employees will just accept that it would be better to comply than to get punished. Not have this “E” will just make everyone a loser.

So how shall I evaluate whether I have enough E factor at work? Here are some questions to think and talk about:


a. What would they like more of in the organization?

b. What would they like to see less of in the organization?

c. What would they not like to see changed?

Analyze the result

  1. (c.) will provide you with a list of some of the good things that effectively buy the basic “E”s of effort.
  2. (b.) will give you some clues to the forces that block the other “E”s.
  3. (a.) will give you some clues to the things that could release more “E”s.

To release more “E”s, decide these points.

  1. What you can do on your own?
  2. What you could recommend to the org?

“If organizations got it right!”

  • people won’t see the sense in getting away for a while.
  • love what they do and where they do it. what would they want to go anywhere else for?


Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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