Advice to my 20 something

Since I am no longer in my 20s, this is a great time to write some of advice to myself (or anyone in their 20s 🙂

Stop worrying and start living

Stop worrying about the result whether you will succeed or fail when doing things.
In your 20, just do things that you are passionate or curious about.
Follow what’s in your heart and go get it, go do it.

But be responsible for the consequences of your action.
It’s ok if you screw up 😉 but be responsible for the outcomes.
Before you do anything, foresee possible outcomes – think about consequences to yourself, your family, your loved ones. This is to avoid crying over split milk.

Be honest to yourself

Bruce Lee once said “To be honest with yourself, what do you love most?”
DO not lie. you will sleep on that forever, but you will never be good at it. You got to love something enough that you can devote, dedicate, and sacrifice all the other that you don’t want – to reach the goal.

If you encounter difficulties, don’t give up too soon.
Hold on and hang in there even you will feel uncomfortable during the process.
Then you will develop necessary skills in life.

Just fall in love and get heart-broken

You should like someone, a boy (or a girl) although he (or she) might not become your husband (or wife). Learn how to fall in love, and how painful it is to be heart-broken, and how to get over it.
because you will 🙂

Focus on the learning curve

For jobs, you should work on something you are curious about. Try it out and apply to jobs that you are curious about. Get skills or experiences you have yearned for.
Get into an organization, team or working with bosses that you want to learn from.
Making mistake is ok and don’t worry about going to be fired.

Move to a city that you want to try living in

Move to a city that you want to try living in. Although you won’t settle there, you will get to explore a different lifestyle, new ways of doing things, and get to broaden your horizon on human beings.

But if you cannot move to live in another city or place due to family reasons or other reason, it’s ok to still get exposed to the new environment within where you are living in. It can be exploring the neighborhood and discover things that amaze or surprise you.

Learn to relax. 
Because everything will fall into the course of Nature.

The Tao does nothing,
but leaves nothing undone.
If the powerful men
could observe it,
all creations would be transformed
by themselves.

– Lao Tzu Tao Te Cheng
quotes 37

Observe the nature, observe things around you.

Lao Tze, an ancient Chinese philosopher, writer and teacher said that you can get things done by doing nothing. By doing things, forcing things, nothing will get done.

This is a concept of “Wuwei” (无为), meaning non-doing or ‘doing nothing’.
Some describe it as the idea of “flow”.

There is an order in everything we do, such as when you plant a tree, harvest rice, build a relationship or even riding a bicycle or rowing a boat.

If you follow the order, things get done easily and effortlessly.
If you go against it, you need to put extra efforts to get things done, or it won’t get done at all no matter how hard you try.

20s are an ideal decade for trial and error.

Test things out, then fail or succeed.

Let go of your ego/pride

When you have pride, let it go since pride just complicates things.
Breathe in, hug yourself, and let go of that feeling that eats you up.

By following your passion and curiosity.
Be in peace with nature.
Struggle, solve problems, succeed or fail,
you will learn an important skill of being “resilient”

Don’t give up too soon when you follow your passion

Every job, every project has problems or difficulties. Solve problems and don’t give up too soon once you choose to follow your passion. It’s part of the process.
You need to learn about self-discipline as well.

Don’t be afraid to say No, or to leave a job or relationship that no longer suit you.

Once you have tried enough and learn the necessary lessons, then have the courage to quit and move on. There is a diminishing return in everything.

You don’t need to be number 1, but be the one and only

Don’t ever and ever duplicate or replicate yourself with other, but be yourself!
Be yourself and learn about giving mutual respect to others who are different from you. Everyone wants to be cared, respected, and loved.

Learn to be happy alone, and learn to be happy with others.

In any situation, learn to have peace of mind for yourself 🙂
no matter if you are alone or being with others.

Develop a “can-do” attitude when the going gets though.

“Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’ when things are tough.”
– Richard DeVos

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