Jiyugaoka is a great area for sweets lover! Sweet Forest - Le souffle Souffle with vanilla sauce tastes very comforting here. patisserie Paris S'eveille パリ・セヴェイユ Mozart's Bake Cheese Tart https://www.instagram.com/p/3Ayqw0KMQe/?taken-by=tokyography_cafe Macaroon parfait, a mixed taste of lemon and apple. Sweet and sour in your mouth! at DALLOYAU ダロワイヨ https://www.instagram.com/p/2tYM0eKMSB/?taken-by=tokyography_cafe Sweet Station Happiness is eating super... Continue Reading →

April first April Fool’s

April 1st marks a new beginning of many things in Japan. New school year, new company, new fiscal year, ... and simply a new day! Time flies so fast and let's enjoy every encounter while we can. Ps. I spotted a line of people in biz suits! Looks like new grads entering a company! 社会人の生活は楽しいで(*^^*)

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