Dou Dou

"Dou Dou ...♪♬♩the dream loves her." This is part of lyrics of a song name "Dou Dou" made by my friends and I who met in Kyoto, Japan. Rikiya, the composer of the song once told me that, life is like the melody of "Dou Dou" (mi-so-re-do so-la-so-do with some vibrato). It has ups and... Continue Reading →

Shinshindo kyoto

In Kyoto, there is a very delicious bread shop called "Shinshindo". It is a Frenchh Boulangerie (which means a bakery that specializes in bread) that has opened the business since 1913. The founder, Hitoshi Tsuzuki, was a Christian who learned the teachings of the Bible and opened the bakery with a motto "Serve God and... Continue Reading →

Trees on a tree・Atagoyama Kyoto

As my friends and I were hiking on Atagoyama in Arashiyama, Kyoto Japan, we saw this interesting scene - trees on a tree 😉 Life goes on! We are No-des team! Takuto from Japan, Anika from Germany, Eldwen from Indonesia and Sarita (me) from Thailand. Along the hike, there are the distance progress signs that cheer... Continue Reading →

Season changes & Way of tea

Enjoyment happens when you wake up in the morning and see flowers that weren't yet bloomed yesterday, now blooming. In ancient Japan, each year is divided into 72 micro-seasons. Within the four seasons of Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall, there are mini changes that occur in every 5 to 6 days, and they create 72 micro-seasons within a year.... Continue Reading →

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